Ladders can be mounted with the optional bracket, without welding, and will swing to allow you to lift gull wing shields. The two handrails will allow doors to be opened and are removable at your discretion. It has been tested to hold 500 lbs. We can custom build ladders that fit any stationary or rotating platforms; We’ve put them on 50, 60, 70 and s-series JD, as well as Case IH. All green ladders will fit all green combines. All red ladders will fit all red combines and can be moved from model to model.

*As always, do not descend ladders in a forward-facing position. This is a ladder, not a staircase.

Henderson Combine Ladders is a family-owned business who seeks to help semi-handicapped farmers be more comfortable doing what they love to do! With our easy-to-use ladders, you are able to ascend and descend more easily, with less effort due to previous injuries.

A handrail can be added for extra security, but it will not work if you still plan leave John Deere ladder in place.

Below are custom installs, from stationary platform as on CIH which requires the hinge bracket. All JD combines have a rotating platform and can be mounted directly to the platform. Many operators want the step height lowered as much as 4' from original height and our steps are spaced 8" apart to ease ascension. Bottom two steps can be lifted above frame when in mud.

Henderson Combine Ladders