Henderson Combine Ladders

Belly Mount

CAUTION (do not attempt to use Henderson ladder when not attached to belly mount)

For all STS and S-series John Deere combines

Insert 3 x 3 square tube into frame cavity at 45 degrees with flat strap on top
This will mount even with John Deere frame step (as shown)
Insert 2 inch pipe bracket
Place pin tube bracket on top of 2 inch pipe bracket
Insert 1-1/2 inch locking pin tube
Lean against tire (as shown)
When mounted into frame in this position ladder platform will be parallel to combine frame, and locating bottom step 5 inches below frame
Square tube can be mounted anywhere along combine frame to avoid other mounted attachments

If this is the case, pin tube bracket can be slid up and down ladder rail as desired to achieve desired step height using flex joint to achieve desired angle

Pin tube bracket has a 2 inch offset along with ability to slide up and down ladder rails allows for many adjustments for ladder step height with varying frame heights



CHI Wishbone Mount

Set mount on frame step as shown

You will have to drill town ½ inch Holes and attach with 2-4inch bolts



Attach3/8 straps  to frame and 2 inch pipe bracket as shown

Insert 2 inch pipe bracket into 3 x3

Square tube

Attach pin tube and ladder rail bracket



Set platform lip on existing chi platform

When satisfied with alignment, drill holes and attach using 4-3/8 x 1-1/2 bolts




Attach front John Deere hand rail

To platform using origina1 bolts and j bolts in holes provided on sts



Attach rear John Deere hand rail to side of Henderson platform using original bolts and j bolts in holes provided on all models

Insert four 1 inch pinched pipe in to square tube mounts on steps with two slotted holes on top


Attach hand rails using 8-3/8 x 3/4


Slide 90 degree tube onto left hand




Connecting joints will need to be dri1led and bolted with 3/8 x 3 1/2 carriage head bolts


Leave round head of bolt pointing to inside of hand rails as shown




Lever Lift

Lever lift pivot will mount to bottom hole of hand rail with 3/8x1-1/2 carriage head bolt

On either left or right side of hand rail system Use78 inch crimped pipe to lift step

Mounted at this point and with 3-1/2 inch lever  pivot the step will be parallel to frame when lifted

A carriage head bolt will need to be installed to lock step in either up or down position

The closer the bottom pivot hole is to step pivot, the higher the step will raise

Also the lever point can be lengthened (@ your distress ion) to provide a higher steplift



Mounting steps to platform

(All colors of Henderson ladders)

All John Deere platforms have a 5 degree preload built in

This allows for ladder weight and leverage to John Dure platform


Mount male platform end to female step end Mount strap to flex joint as shown

Use6-3/8 x 1/4 serrated nuts and bolts


Lift onto tire and push onto John Deere platform

All John Deere ladder platforms will need to be 8 inches from cab floor to allow clearance for swing

Ladder platform w,11but to front handrail on S-series


Ladder platform will  mount eight inches forward of John Dure platform on STS series and hundred series combines


When satisfied with platform and step position it can

now be drilled and mounted in position using serrated 3/8 x 1-1/2 inch nuts and bolts

Bolt pin tube clamp into position at this time using

4-3/8x 3/4 serrated nuts and bolts

54 inch pinched pipe can be mounted in existing concave hold of machine and a 2 inch pipe bracket at any time, as shown






Mount 2

Remove rear existing hand rail all models

Remove front hand rail on jd  sts and hundred series models

These hand rails will be used later to complete hand rail system

On all colors of machines

Loosen shipping bolt on jd Series and make jd platform perpendicular to frame


Platform will mount tight inches from cab floor to allow clearance for ladder swing

A grip step gap filler will allow for gap coverage and will allow for increased platform

Area at your discretion and will eliminate John Deere Step

Allowing Henderson ladder platform to be flat with cab floor



Straight Frame Mount

Chi 14-1600 series, 2000 series,5000 and 7000 series all have straight frames

John Deere 95-9600 and 20 series all have a straight frame

Mount the 80 inch 3x3 square tube to frame of combine

Set tub eon floor jack and raise to underside of frame with left side of  tube

extending 12  inches to left of combine frame

Drill and attach to frame with 4 -1/12 x 2-1/2 bolts as shown


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