*We are not responsible for improper mounting. Scroll to the bottom of the page for more information on CIH and other installation types. Ladders are made as close to osha specs as possible.Gripstep is osha approved to provide grip,strength,and cleaning ability. Other requirements include,ladder angle,step spacing,and width, number of hand rails,height and size. Platform size,with maximum turn around size and operator station access. Remember you are replacing your original John Deere ladder with an operator access system.

Note that it will lose shipping bolt on ladder pivot Until JD platform is perpendicular to combine frame. See bottom of page for an additional quick attach option for Lower Steps available on 2024 ladders.

The flex joint between ladder platform and ladder steps is provided to aid in leveling platform and to lengthen or shorten step angle while maintaining bottom step height in the world of ever changing tire sizes and track configurations.

X9 Mounting:

Note: Platform will mount to front edge (flush) of jd platform on s series combines. 
It will mount
eight inches forward of jd platforms on sts,50,60,70 series and 95-9600
Series. The front hand rail will attach to front of platform with holes provided. This allows ladder to be mounted on all jd platforms. Allowing you to use same ladder when trading models

Lower step should be run in raised position which will keep debris from rear tire from depositing on steps.

The lever lift takes less than 15# to lift steps.
For people with shoulder injuries a simple pair of 5 1/2 inch trampoline springs can assist ladder lifting as high as negative lever force if needed.
12 volt actuators are also available.

Green brackets are for John Deere sts, s, and x9 series, combines.

CIH platforms and frames are the same from 14-1688/23-2588/50-7030&5130-7130
The 72-82-9240 flagship are different, but we have a ladder for those as well.

Mount upper hand rail with 5/16 carriage head bolts. After all bolts are in place and brackets and rails are aligned to your satisfaction. You can now tighten all bolts. When properly mounted, this ladder is safe and strong.

By placing a 46 inch board under step you will have an 18 inch setp height. Ladder pin tube bracket can be slid up or down ladder side rails to achieve your own individuals desired step height. You can use predrilled holes at your desired height. The six platform holes should be drilled and bolted at this time.

Quick attach option for step:

Ladder will break down into a package that is 64" long, 22" wide and 18" high for better shipping. You can easily haul up to 4 of the ladders in a small box crewcab truck. 

Use exsisting JD ladder rails along with hand rails provided to complete hand rail system

 Set platform and step together
 While setting on 2x4 boards align and bolt together
 Bolt on leveling brackets at this time
 Snug all bolts
 Bolts will be fully tightened at final assembly

Align ladder bracket along with combine support bracket

Filler Plate Hold Down

Note: The top of ladder platform will be the same height as the cab floor and will eliminate the extra steps into the cab.

Walk ladder into position
 And push onto John Deere platform

Accuator swing bracket will allow lower step to lift if hitting an obstruction will in lowered position.

With lower steps and ladder pin bracket and platform bolted in place, mount handrails leaving bolts loose until final assembly. Accuator can be mounted at this time. Platform mount is purposely welded at 5 degree angle.
When steps are mounted, added weight will flex platform to hang level

This bracket allows for mounting to frame.

After drilling 1/2 inch bolt holes, the ladder support can be mounted to any implement with a frame to attach the 3x3 square tube

The tube can be moved for and aft to avoid obstacles such as mud scraper ect.

It is an extremely versatile mounting bracket that can be used for other applications including other combines

(New Holland, AgCo, Gleaner, HillCo, etc.), silage choppers, 4 wheel drive tractors and sprayers.

Just set 3x3 square tube on a floor jack and raise to bottom of frame
Can be moved fore and aft, left and right to fit your application and bolt into place

Henderson Combine Ladders