Henderson Combine Ladders

X9 Ladders ready to ship immediately!

All 2024 ladders will have belly quick mount, as well as parallel actuators which allow for more lift capacity, higher lift, and faster cycle times. Additionally, there will be adjustable breakaway linkage at any step height positon for obstacles such as wondering mail boxes, rocks and washouts.

Please make sure swing step is fully seated to upper step portion when in down position.

All 2024 platforms will have its own hand rail system and can be powder coat painted to match your machine.

Both these updates can be added to all previous ladders for $1750.

PRICING AS OF JANUARY 2024: $7500 with 20% off until may 2024.
10% off May, June, and July of 2024. 2024 ladders are same price as previous ladders when ordered during discount season $7500-20%=$6000