Henderson Combine Ladders

This a seat activated reversing switch. Made of simple parts that can be found in any parts or home store. It is not color sensitive and can be used wherever an automatic switch is needed. Can be connected to any 12volt source, power strip or cigarette lighter, keyed or non keyed. There is no tricky wiring into manufacturer's original wiring.

When properly mounted to seat, it will activate accuator to raise steps when sitting in seat. And reverse polarity to lower step when out of seat.

Also could be used as a simple on/off switch where automatic switch is required and can be glued or screwed to any surface. Mounting inside the cab does not require watertight fittings, however, if you use watertight fittings, it can be mounted outside the cab.

Remember to remove switch plate when installing mounting box so as not to interrupt wiring. Pull chain will need to return to a slack  when out of seat position so upper spring can pull switch into reverse position.

All accuator and seat switches are tested at time of assembly.